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Image taken from page 118 of 'Scottish Loch Scenery. Illustrated in a series of coloured plates from drawings by A. F. Lydon.

Graphic Designer, Artist Studio

Posted: 14.11.2023 Contract Type: Full-time... Job Type: Permanent Pay: $60-$70k p.a. Location: New York, NY, USA Tenure: Permanent Job description: An established Artist Studio is looking for a Graphic Designer. The postholder will execute projects related to the creation, presentation, and organisation of all visual assets across the company. This...

Senior Business Designer

We are looking for a Senior Business Designer to join our team. At Runyon, Business designers drive the analysis of the viability of products and ventures, and articulate how optimal business models shape the experience, and vice versa. They consider a series of monetization opportunities, operational considerations as well as...

Senior Visual Experience Designer

As a leading member of the Visual Experience Design Department, the Senior Designer is responsible for driving the development and execution of impactful visual design solutions for a diverse range of interdisciplinary projects. The Senior Designer collaborates with strategists, content developers, UX designers, creative technologists, and others to come up...

Computer Graphic Designer

Company Description Job Description... The Department of Social Services (DSS) is comprised of the administrative units of the New York City Human Resources Administration (HRA) and the Department of Homeless Services (DHS). HRA is dedicated to fighting poverty and income inequality by providing New Yorkers in need with essential benefits...

Designer, Packaging Pink

Description GENERAL SUMMARY... Responsible for creating inspiring, engaging, and commercially viable packaging designs for Victoria’s Secret PINK Beauty. An expert in designing beauty primaries and secondaries in multi-materials. Manages multiple categories, has fluent knowledge of trends and design skills while demonstrating a strong passion for the brand. Why You Belong...
Took this shot while walking around Meersburg, Germany at Lake Constance. I really liked the calm, peaceful athmosphere there and tried to capture it.

Logo Design Exploring Negative and Positive Space Concepts

Discover the fascinating world of logo design and uncover the magic of negative and positive space concepts. Learn how designers use these concepts to create impactful and memorable logos that capture attention and convey powerful messages. Dive into the art of visual storytelling through clever design techniques. Understanding negative and positive space is crucial for creating logos that resonate with audiences and leave a lasting impression. This article is a must-read for anyone interested in branding, logos, and logo design, as it provides valuable insights into the creative process behind iconic brand identities.
a blurry image of a rainbow colored background

The Psychology of Color in Branding Creating Associations and Meanings

Understanding the psychology of color in branding is crucial for creating powerful associations and meanings. Different colors evoke specific emotions and perceptions, influencing how a brand is perceived. Red can convey energy and passion, while blue suggests trust and reliability. Yellow is associated with optimism and creativity, and green symbolizes growth and harmony. By strategically using colors in branding and logo design, businesses can communicate their brand personality, attract their target audience, and differentiate themselves from competitors. This knowledge is essential for creating impactful logos and branding designs that resonate with consumers and effectively convey the brand's message and values.
“Together, we create!” on brick wall

Logo Design Trends Hand Lettering and Custom Typography

Learn about the latest logo design trends in hand lettering and custom typography. Discover how these trends are shaping the world of branding and logo design, and how they can help businesses stand out in today's competitive market. Explore the creative possibilities of incorporating hand-crafted lettering and unique typography into brand identities, and gain insights into the visual impact and emotional connection they can create. Whether you're a beginner in branding and logo design or an experienced professional, this article provides valuable insights into leveraging hand lettering and custom typography to create memorable and impactful brand visuals.
supermarket aisle

The Role of Branding in Product Packaging Creating Shelf Appeal

Learn how branding plays a crucial role in creating shelf appeal for product packaging. Discover the impact of branding on consumer perception, product differentiation, and brand recognition. Find out how logos, branding design, and logo design contribute to creating a strong visual identity that attracts and engages customers. Explore the connection between branding and product packaging, and how effective branding design can influence purchasing decisions. Dive into the world of branding and discover how it shapes the visual representation of products and enhances their market presence.
Spinning Dream

Logo Design Using Symmetry and Balance for Visual Harmony

Learn how to create visually harmonious logos by using symmetry and balance. Discover the principles of logo design that contribute to a strong brand identity, including the use of symmetry to create a sense of order and balance to achieve visual stability. This article explores the relationship between logo design and branding, highlighting the impact of visual harmony on brand recognition and recall. Gain insights into how symmetry and balance play a crucial role in creating memorable logos that effectively communicate brand values and personality. Whether you're new to branding and logo design or looking to enhance your skills, understanding the role of symmetry and balance in logo design is essential for creating impactful and visually appealing brand identities.